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How do I know which class is most suitable for me?

If you are new to the Indonesian language and speak little or no Bahasa, we recommend you being with Introduction to Indonesian.

If you can already speak some Bahasa Indonesia, it is recommended that you take our Pre-course test to find out exactly what level you should begin with. Most of our learners take Indonesian for Work and Life which consists of 6 levels in total. Taking the test before starting means that your tutor will know your level before you start the course and will be best able to tailor the course to your exact needs.

How long are your courses?

Each our seven different levels consists of 20 classes. This means that Introduction to Indonesian is 20 hours long and that each level of Indonesian for Work and Life is 30 hours long.

How long is each class?

For our entry level course Introduction to Indonesian, each class is one hour long. For Indonesian for Work and Life and Indonesian for Executives classes are 1.5 hours each.

Is it possible to take a shorter course?

We do have some options for a shorter course, so if you would like to start with either 3 or 10 lessons we have options for that as well.

What time do you offer classes?

We have very flexible schedules and we have instructors ready to teach you seven days per week. When you are enrolling on the course we will ask you for your preferred availability. You will be able to choose your preferred study times and we will allocate a suitable tutor based on these times.

After booking in the first session, you will be able to book future lessons in directly with your tutor.

Can I customise my course or does each lesson follow the content of the course book?

Introduction to Indonesian and Indonesian for Work and Life are ideal for beginner and lower intermediate learners of Indonesian and they come with an accompanying course workbook. If you have any specific areas of the language you would like to improve, simply ask your tutor and they will be able to spend more or less time on any given topic.

Indonesian for Executives is a more customised course and before starting your tutor will discuss your course objectives before designing a programme for your individual goals.

Can I choose my tutor?

When completing your enrollment questionnaire we will find out exactly what you are looking for from your Indonesian course, your availability for lessons and your preferred learning style. We will usually send you the profiles of 2-3 available tutors giving you the chance to choose if you wish to do so.

Do you have any tutors who specialise in teaching executives senior professionals?

For courses with a business focus we will allocate a specialist senior tutor with over 15 years of experience teaching professionals. Our senior tutors have experience teaching Indonesian to C-level professionals and will be best suited to anyone who’s goals are to learn the Indonesian they need to communicate in Business situations.

Can I change my tutor after starting the course?

In most cases, our learners are completely satisfied with their allocated tutor however if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with how the course is going just let us know. We can speak to the tutor assigned and see if we can make some changes to the course, or if necessary allocate a new tutor to teach the rest of the course.

How much time do I need to allocate to my learning?

Most of our learners are very motivated to learn Indonesian and take between 2 and 3 lessons per week. We understand that isn’t always possible so we give you a total of 20 weeks to complete your 20-lesson course.

What is it like to take an online class?

Most of you will have probably taken a course online at some stage of your life. This type of course, unlike others, is delivered live online in a one-to-one setting, or in a small group (if you have more than one person who would like to learn Indonesian). You will meet online at a set time through platforms such as Zoom and you will be able to interact with your instructor and classmates (if applicable) in real time and receive feedback.

Who teaches the classes?

All of our teachers are Native Indonesians who are professionally qualified to teach Bahasa Indonesia and have at least five years of experience. Most of our instructors have lived in English speaking countries and are also able to teach English so have a high level of English proficiency which is especially helpful for beginner learners who need explanations in English at the start of their course.

What do I need to bring with me to the course?

All materials will be provided for you. You will only need a computer and a stable internet connection.

Will I receive a certificate for passing the course?

Yes, all learners who complete 20 sessions will receive an e-certificate of completion.

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