Indonesian for Executives

A personalised executive language course for busy professionals, who want to learn or improve their Indonesian in specific areas, to enhance their careers
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Indonesian For Excecutives

Indonesian For Executives helps learners improve their Indonesian for business and is most suited to expatriates needing to communicate professionally with Indonesian colleagues and clients. A diverse range of topics, language areas and activities are covered. Our experienced trainer can tailor your course plan, fully customising it to fit a specific profession or purpose such as presentations or business meetings.

This one-to-one Indonesian for Executives language course is for professionals who want a course that is 100% personalised to their needs and objectives. You might be preparing for a new job role and need to rapidly improve your knowledge of professional Indonesian, you might be preparing for a presentation and want to upgrade your Indonesian language skills to help you stand out, or you might need to master the Indonesian language by having full working proficiency to boost your career. You might just prefer the learning style of having a trainer solely focused on your goals.

Your learning outcomes will be based entirely on your individual needs. These will be clearly defined with you at the start of the course. Your progress towards achieving these goals will be monitored closely throughout the course, so that changes can be made rapidly to ensure you are on the right track to success.

We start by talking to you about what you’d like to achieve and improve on and build a course around you. Using your need analysis prior to the start of the course, we will pair you with the most experienced trainer in your focus area.

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What will I learn on the course ?

  • Talking about your company
  • Jobs and functions
  • Business Communication
  • Vocabulary for meetings
  • Language for Presentations
  • Leadership and Management
  • Different levels of formality
  • Business Networking
  • Making small talk
  • Written Communication

The course is highly flexible and adaptable as your needs change, so does the course. The course will be adapted to your learning pace and style.

Indonesian For

Length : 20 Lessons

Effort : 2 – 4 hours per week

Level : Post – Basic – Advanced

Course Type : Self-paced depending on your schedule

Prerequisites : An intermediate level of Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian For Executives courses are now available online!

Anytime, anywhere with our Online Private Classes

Have structured, highly interactive and stimulating Indonesian lessons in a virtual classroom environment with your tutor, at a time to suit you. Your tutor will give you the same structured, interactive learning programme as if you were face-to-face in a classroom; the methodology, the contents of your classes and the material used will remain unchanged.

Our innovative and modern way of learning, with expert tutors, allows you to have high quality, personalised tuition with the same quality and effectiveness of a traditional classroom. Now you can learn any time, anywhere.


Private One-to-one

  • Personalised your courses to fit around your busy life.
  • learn at home or in the office, on your own personal schedule.
  • Your progress towards achieving these goals will be monitored closely throughout the course



  • One-on-one, live, online language instruction.
  • Multi-device experience on PC, Mac, mobiles and tablets.
  • Same learning content as on-site courses.
  • Lessons can be scheduled flexibly online.
  • Virtual tools and lesson recording for preparation and follow-up.
  • Focus on your language-learning needs and goals.

How it Works

  • All you need is a laptop, mobile or tablet and a headset with a microphone.
  • Create and manage your own schedule, and join lessons at the best time for you.
  • 60-90 minute lessons, each with a clear goal – for progress every time.

Learner Testimonials

What our learners say
about us

bahasa indonesia learners

My instructor is very good at explaining why certain parts of the language are a certain way. He also makes everything very accessible so the language is in a way that is easy to understand.”

Sean Welsch

indonesian language course online - Switzerland

indonesian language learner

“We like the way the lessons are structured and also like the material because it’s very well structured, which I feel works best for me and the way I like to learn. We’re very happy and I’ve been recommending you to my HR department.”

Cindy Cui

indonesian language learning for foreigners - USA

indonesian language student

“It has been a very attractive and a nice way to learn the basics of daily discussions. Our facilitator has been very helpful and has a good approach for helping us to learn.”

Sami Sivola

indonesian language course for expatriates - Finland

private indonesian language course

“What I also like is the fact that the classes are nice and easy! I like the explanation of differences in formal and informal Indonesian. About my trainer, I like him because I always have questions and there’s always a little story and tips that makes it easy for me to understand.”

Frederic Verin

learning bahasa indonesia - French

learning indonesian

“I am getting more accustomed to Bahasa Indonesia and I feel it is now much easier than before so I can approach Bahasa Indonesia much easier, much more efficiently and everything is very nice.”

Chang Ho Song

learn bahasa indonesia vocabulary - Korea

indonesian courses

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Indonesia but had been very lazy learning the language. I’ve now learned a considerable number of words and I’m very impressed. In one simple sentence: I should have done this many years ago because it’s been very good!.”

Richard Smith

bahasa indonesia course - Australia

indonesian language private classes

“In a small class there is the opportunity to speak a lot. The teacher did a very good job teaching with a role play approach, so we can manage practical situations in real life.”


learning bahasa indonesia - French

indonesian language student

“Bagus sekali! I was a complete beginner and felt a bit nervous to even try but with my tutor’s help and in very little time I have learnt the basics of Bahasa Indonesia and I feel confident enough to speak to locals. Terima kasih banyak!.”


introduction to indonesian - Singapore

bahasa indonesia learners

“My teacher designed a personalised course for Executives that included my interests and my area of work to progress my written and oral Indonesian. I can now give presentations in Bahasa to clients and my team at the office.”


private indonesian language course - Spain

indonesian language course

“It was a really good experience. The teaching is very pratical and tries to focus on what is needed for your industry or day to day life. It also helps you to get familiar with local culture and traditions.”


private bahasa indonesia student - Germany

indonesian language course for expatriates

“The course was so helpful! not only do you learn functional, useful language, but also the very important cultural differences between Indonesia and my country. Highly recommend!.”


learn indonesian language fast - Netherlands

bahasa indonesia online classes

“It was a really good experience. The teaching is very pratical and tries to focus on what  is necessary for your industry or day to day life. It helps you to get familiar with local culture and traditions. “


indonesian language courses - India

Interested in this course for your Business or Team ?

If you have a team of expatriates to train, we specialise in developing  the Indonesian Language Skills of employees at all level of seniority. Whether it’s in a group setting  or private one-to-one setting, we can get your team to be proficent in Indonesian. Contact us for  quotation.

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