Getting around in a taxi: Essential phrases in Indonesian

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Essential phrases for getting around in a taxi

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When it comes to hailing a taxi, getting your smartphone out to order a ride has replaced waving one down from the street. Let’s face it, it’s just easier—and in many cases, cheaper, depending on which ride-hailing app you use. The popularity of ride-hailing Apps such as Uber has soared in recent times. In Indonesia, ride-hailing apps have made it easier and cheaper than ever before to get around, either by taxi, or by the popular motorcycle taxis, knows as “Ojeks”.

The two most downloaded ride-hailing apps in Indonesia are Gojek and Grab, with over 100 million downloads each, enabling Indonesians and expatriates in Indonesia to access a fleet of thousands of riders locally at the touch of a button. Both of these popular apps use both Bahasa Indonesia and English translations, enabling use by both Indonesians and international travellers.

These days, most traditional taxi drivers also use GPS applications such as Google Maps or Waze to help you to reach your destination. However, in some cases, taxi drivers in Indonesia will not use the technology available and you will need to direct your driver using the Indonesian language (as they rarely speak English outside of Bali) to help you reach your destination. Here are some useful survival phrases in Bahasa Indonesia to help you get around, either by taxi, or by Ojek. For any expatriate in Indonesia, these phrases as absolutely vital.

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Essential Indonesian Survival phrases for taking taxis:

  • Mau ke … : I want to go to …
  • Belok kanan / belok kiri: turn right / turn left
  • Lurus: go straight
  • Putar balik: turn around
  • Stop disini / berhenti disini: stop here
  • Stop disana / berhenti disana: stop there
  • Pelan-pelan: slow down
  • Lewat toll: use the highway
  • Lewat jalan biasa: use the normal roads (not the highway)

More advanced Indonesian language phrases for taking taxis in Indonesia:

  • Dekat … : near … (for example: dekat monas : near Monas)
  • Sebelah … : right next to … (for example: sebelah mall : next to the shopping mall)
  • Seberang: across the street
  • Di depan: in front of (for example: di depan kantor polisi: in front of the police station)
  • Di belakang: behind (for example: di belakang rumah sakit: behind the hospital)

You can now get around, using the correct language in Bahasa Indonesia with or without the use of technology.

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